Report Cites Forced Labor in Malaysia

Last Modified: Thu May 07 2015 05:29:49 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 2,00,000
    Estimated number of migrant workers employed by Malaysia’s thriving electronics industry
  • 32 %
    of the migrant workers are employed in forced situations because their passports had been taken away or because they were straining to pay back illegally high recruitment fees
  • 200
    or so electronic factories that employ migrant workers from Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Vietnam
  • 92 %
    of the migrant workers have paid recruitment fees
  • 84 %
    of the migrant workers have paid recruitment fees that exceed legal or industry standards
  • 94 %
    of workers interviewed did not have their passports with them
  • 71 %
    of the workers said it would be impossible or difficult to get their passports back when needed
  • 2 years
    approximately the time needed to return debt incurred to pay the recruitment fees
  • 8 people
    in a single room, more than 30% of the workers make do with this arrangement
  • 22 %
    of the workers said they had been deceived about their wages, hours or overtime requirements during the recruitment process