LEGO facts

Last Modified: Tue Oct 06 2015 07:34:29 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 700 billion
    Over the years, approx. 700 billion LEGO elements have been manufactured.
  • 55 billion
    Global production achieved by the LEGO Group in 2013 – equivalent to approx. 105,000 elements a minute or 1,750 elements every second.
  • 26 billion
    Approx. LEGO elements were made at the factory in Billund, Denmark in 2013 – equivalent to nearly 3 million elements an hour or 49,000 a minute.
  • 500 million
    The number of tyres produced in 2013, making the LEGO Group one of the world’s largest tyre manufacturers.
  • 1.5 billion
    Number of sets per week, on average, containing more than 480 million LEGO elements were packed at the LEGO factory in Monterrey, Mexico, in 2013.
  • 200 km
    The total capacity of shelf space at the high-bay warehouse at the LEGO factory in Kladno, Czech Republic, with room for approx. 360,000 storage boxes with LEGO elements.
  • 1300
    boxes per hour - the handling capacity of the automated cranes in the high-bay warehouse at the LEGO factory in Kladno, Czech Republic.
  • 500 million
    Number of minifigures produced in 2013. Lined next to each other, it would stretch approx. 11,500 km – exceeding the distance from Billund, Denmark to Singapore in Asia by 1,500 km.
  • 5 billion
    Minifigures produced over the years, making it the world's biggest population group.
  • 0
    product recalls - for the 4th year running
  • 0.002 mm
    Accuracy of the moulds used in production. Only 18 elements in every million fail the quality standards.
  • 915 million
    Ways to combine 6 LEGO bricks of the same colour.