Extreme milks in the animal kingdom

Last Modified: Tue Sep 15 2015 08:13:11 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 7
    udderly fascinating animal milk facts
  • 60%
    fat content in hooded seal's milk - the high fat content helps the pups put on a thick layer of blubber that serves to insulate their bodies against the harsh, cold environment
  • 16.6
    pounds of milk consumed by a pup everyday
  • 0.2%
    fat content in the milk of a black rhinoceros
  • 2
    years, time spent by black rhinos nursing their young
  • 14%
    content of sugar in the milk of Tammar Wallabies, highest among mammals and twice that in humans
  • 2
    different types of milk produced by Tammar Wallabies at the same time, depending on the age of the joeys
  • 15%
    protein in the milk of Eastern Cottontail Rabbit. With such a rich diet, young rabbits can fend for themselves within few weeks of suckling
  • 6%
    fat and protein content in pig's milk, the same as that of cow milk