American Academy of Pediatrics ends relationship with Coke

Last Modified: Sun Oct 04 2015 18:07:24 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • $3 million
    funding provided by Coke to the Academy. Some members of the Academy said they were not aware of this.
  • 6
    years, period over which the Academy received the funding from Coke, but will now end this relationship after revelations that Coke has paid for scientific research playing down the role of soda in obesity.
  • $7 million
    received by Pennington Biomedical Center at Louisiana State University, which just released a report on obesity in children that excluded the mention of sugary drinks as one of the causes.
  • $120 million
    in grants, large and small, given by Coke, to medical, health and community organizations since 2010.