The Lion Queens of India - a sisterhood like no other

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    separate animal rescues were undertaken in 2014 by the forest guards in Gir National Park, India. They helped crocodiles trapped in mud, leopards stuck down village wells, lions with wounds from fighting each other, fed tiny abandoned cubs, arrested poachers and placated irate villagers.
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    forest guards that performed these rescue acts ARE ALL WOMEN - The Lion Queens of India!
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    women have been recruited in 2015 and are going through intensive training.
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    year in which the state of Gujarat decided to employ a handful of women in one of the toughest government departments of them all – Forestry. Initially they thought the women would undertake “soft” office jobs. They were wrong.
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    year old Rasila Wadher was among the first women foresters to join the lion rescue team. She has found herself at risk several times.One of the toughest of them all she now heads up the entire team.