Dharavi: Asia's largest slum or recycling marvel?

Last Modified: Mon Oct 26 2015 09:37:43 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 550 acres
    sprawl in the heart of Mumbai is Dharavi’s maze of dilapidated shacks and narrow, odorous alleyways home to more than one million people.
  • 15,000
    estimated single room factories - plastic, metal and paper recycle units, leather and textile units, glue, pipes, soap and candle making unit and many more.
  • 250,000
    estimated number of un-organized work force that work in the units in Dharavi.
  • 300,000
    roughly the number of people that are involved in waste picking, aka "ragpickers".
  • 7,025 tons
    waste generated in Mumbai on a daily basis.
  • $ 1 billion
    estimated combined turnover of the units in Dharavi (2012).
  • 80%
    of Mumbai’s waste is given a new lease of life in what is known as ‘Dhavari’s 13th Compound, earning Dharavi the title of "recycling marvel".