Farmer suicides in Maharashtra till September (2015), highest in five years

Last Modified: Sat Jun 24 2017 20:28:06 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 2016
    reported cases of farmers committing suicide till the end of Sep 2015, has earned Maharashtra, the dubious distinction of the highest number of farmer suicides in the past five years.
  • 1010
    cases of farmer suicides reported in Vidharbha as of September
  • 695
    cases of farmer suicides reported in Marathwada as of September
  • 3
    primary reasons for these suicides include: Frequent droughts, crop failure, non-realisation of prices.
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    spurt occured earlier this year when much of the Rabi crop was ruined due to sudden rains. Lack of timely intervention by the state government resulted in a rise in the figure in May.
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    spurt in suicide cases started August onwards as farmers had taken up massive plantation, but the subsequent lack of rains prompted re-sowing in 20-lakh hectare in the state.
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    families have been provided medical, educational and other help in the 14 suicide-prone districts, according to activist Kishore Tiwari who is heading the state government’s mission to reduce farm distress.