Last US Sumatran rhino joins Indonesian reserve in effort to save species

Last Modified: Thu Nov 19 2015 05:44:32 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 16,000 km
    Distance US-born Sumatran rhino, Harapan, traveled from a zoo in Cincinnati, Ohio, to the Indonesian capital, Jakarta and then on to the Way Kambas national park.
  • 3
    females at the Way Kambas sanctuary. It is hoped Harapan will mate with one or more of them and help save his critically endangered species from extinction.
  • 0
    With Harapan moving to Indonesia, there are no more Sumatran rhinos in the Western Hemisphere. Harapan’s brother, Andalas, was returned to Indonesia in 2007. Their sister, Suci, died from illness last year at the Cincinnati Zoo.
  • 100
    Sumatran rhinos are all that remain today. The species is seriously threatened, numbers in Indonesia over the past 50 years decimated by rampant poaching for horns used in traditional Chinese medicines and destruction of forests by farmers, illegal loggers and palm oil plantation companies.