Lighting a Billion Lives - Technologies

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    Solar Charging Station (SCS): Consists of 5 solar panels with capacities of 50 - 80 peak watts (Wp), and 50 LED solar lanterns which are simultaneously charged to provide lighting for 5 - 6 hours daily. Suitable for use indoors/outdoors, end users, hire a lantern only when required and pay only for what they use.
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    Solar Micro Grid (SMG): Fixed, centralized installation of photovoltaic power panels that serve connections of 2 light points and a mobile charging facility across 50-80 households in a village. Well suited for households or shops situated close to each other. Provides end users with 4 to 5 hours of clean and bright lighting.
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    Solar Home Lighting System (SHLS): Independent installation to serve specific requirements of households and small shops. Has its own solar panel and supports 2 to 3 light points and a mobile charging facility. Well suited for isolated homes in rural belts. End users may incorporate a small solar fan or television by modifying the panel size and battery backup.
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    Integrated Domestic Energy Systems (IDES): A hybrid version of the SHLS, it provides a clean cooking solution in addition to a solar panel, two light points and a mobile charging facility. The system addresses basic lighting and cooking energy requirements and reduces emissions by 30%. The improved cook stove is designed to provide 4 hours of cooking time in a day.