Cochin International Airport - first in the world to operate completely on solar power

Last Modified: Thu Jan 21 2016 18:50:33 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 12 MWp
    solar power plant, comprising 46,150 solar panels laid across 45 acres near the cargo complex. The work was awarded to M/S Bosch Ltd.
  • 48,000
    units per day is expected to be generated by this plant.
  • Mar-2013
    CIAL first ventured into the Solar PV sector by installing a 100 kWp solar PV Plant on the roof top of the Arrival Terminal Block. The plant was installed by the Kolkata-based Vikram Solar Pvt. Ltd.
  • 1 MWp
    CIAL installed a second solar PV power plant partly on the roof top and partly on the ground in the Aircraft Maintenance Hangar facility. This plant was installed by Emvee Photovoltaic Power Pvt. Ltd., which was the first Megawatt scale installation of solar PV system in Kerala.
  • 60,000
    maximum units of electricity per day will be generated by all 3 plants, sufficient for all the operational functions of the airport, technically making the airport 'absolutely power neutral'.
  • 3,00,000 tons
    CO2 emissions that will be avoided over the next 25 years due to this green power project. This is equivalent to planting 30 lakh trees or not driving 750 million miles.