Former UN climate chief Yvo de Boer highlights importance of coal in developing countries

Last Modified: Tue Dec 29 2015 07:09:49 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 1.3 billion
    people lack access to electricity around the world. Coal will be “a vital part of the energy mix for years to come", in bringing people out of energy poverty, acknowledged the former UN climate chief.
  • 99%
    of China's population has been connected to the grid over the past 3 decades coupled with 18x rise in steel production and 14x rise in cement production. Citing China as an example, de Boer, maintains “you really have to be able to offer these countries an economically viable alternative, before you begin to rule out coal.”
  • 33%
    The average efficiency of a coal-fired power plant is 33% at present.
  • 40%
    levels to which more advanced, off-the-shelf technology can significantly increase the efficiencies to.
  • 2 GT
    cut in CO2 emissions possible if global average efficiency level of coal-fired power plants are moved from 33% to 40%. de Boer called for climate finance bodies to make sure new coal plants were built to the highest efficiency standards.