Deep sea cable systems that make internet communication possible

Last Modified: Mon Jan 18 2016 17:27:40 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 1858
    year the first copper telegraph line was strung across the Atlantic seabed, transmitting a few words a minute.
  • 580,000 miles
    of cables cross the ocean floors, making up a vast system of fast lines carrying almost all the world's digital traffic.
  • 75%
    of the traffic carried by these lines in 2013 comprised the internet, 24.9% for private networks and 0.1% for telephone calls (VoIP).
  • 185 terrabits/sec
    bandwidth in 2014, up by 16x times since 2007.
  • 4,600 km
    6-pair transatlantic submarine cable system - the Hibernia Express - is now operational between North America and Europe, the first new cable system in 12 years.
  • 58.95 milliseconds
    actual tested latency of the Hibernia Express - this is 20% improvement over the next fastest cable system connecting the North American and European continents.