Conservationists Rush to Save the Congo’s Last Giraffes

Last Modified: Fri Feb 05 2016 21:07:45 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 38
    New surveys have revealed that the country’s giraffe population has plunged to this low number, putting the species at immediate risk of extinction there.
  • 350
    number of giraffes in Congo two decades ago. All of the giraffes in Congo's live within the Garamba National Park, a 1,930-square-mile UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • 86
    animals managed to survive the country’s 1998–2003 civil war.
  • 50
    or so giraffes have been lost to poaching in recent years. They have been picked off by poachers to feed the illegal wildlife trade and impoverished local people. In addition, their habitat has been severely degraded, leaving very few trees left to sustain them.
  • 12
    of these will be outfitted with GPS radio collars by members of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, will travel to Garamba in the next few weeks.