Could this new Alzheimer’s treatment restore memory function?

Last Modified: Sat Mar 05 2016 20:08:16 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 75%
    of mice involved in a trial had their memory restored through a non-invasive ultrasound treatment tested by the researchers at the Queensland Brain Institute in Australia.
  • 3
    areas where the mice showed improved performance in three memory tasks – a maze, recognition of new objects, and a task designed to get them to avoid certain places.
  • 2017
    year that human clinical trials could begin on this highly promising treatment, giving hope to millions around the world.
  • 50 million
    Worldwide estimated of people who suffer from Alzheimer’s. As the global population ages, this is predicted to hit 135 million by 2050. Advances in treatment are therefore increasingly urgent.