LPG subsidy to be denied to the well-off

Last Modified: Thu Feb 25 2016 01:59:00 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 90%
    of India's 163.5 million LPG customers avail of subsidies. 147.8 million get these subsidies directly in their bank accounts.
  • Rs. 10 lakh
    income per year or more will be the basis for the oil ministry to deny LPG subsidy. The oil ministry is now working on identifying the financially well-off among all its LPG customers. The income tax department however, has refused to share data on those earning over Rs.10 lakh a year since the IT Act prohibits disclosure of individual taxpayer information.
  • Rs.300-500 crore
    a year could be saved by the government by limiting LPG subsidy only to those earning less than Rs.10 lakh a year, according to some estimates.
  • Rs. 21,140 crore
    was earmarked for LPG subsidy in the budget for fiscal 2016.