China: grappling with an aging population

Last Modified: Wed Sep 21 2016 17:42:28 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 77
    years - Life expectancy in China up from 45 in 1960.
  • 16.66%
    of the Chinese population is over 60 years old, by 2050 it will be 25%.
  • 9 million
    people in China have some form of dementia. This is more than twice as many as in America. It is also more than double the number in India, a country with a population similar in size to China’s but a much younger one.
  • 66.66 %
    of these suffer from Alzheimer’s, cases of which have tripled since 1990. The number of Alzheimer’s patients may increase another fourfold between now and 2050.
  • 10
    number of working-age adults per person over 65 now. This is likely to fall to as low as 2.5 by 2050 due to plunging birth rates since the 1970s, exacerbated by a one-child-per-couple policy.
  • $450
    a month is what old age care assistants are paid on an average, close the the average national migrant wage. This is the main reason there is an acute shortage of medical workers qualified to treat sufferers.