How does Kingfisher's debt compare with some of the other debt going around?

Last Modified: Sun Mar 20 2016 10:38:05 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • Rs. 7,000 crore
    owed by Kingfisher to 17 lenders.
  • 14.11%
    Kingfishers debt compared to the total debt of companies declared as "Wilful defaulter" by RBI recently, excluding Kingfisher which is one of the defaulters. The debt of these wilful defaulters excluding Kingfisher is Rs. 49,621 crore.
  • 6.17%
    of the estimated debt owed by the Anil Ambani Group as per a Credit Suisse Group report published in 2013 - the amount according to the report was Rs. 113,543 crore.
  • 0.96%
    of the estimated debt of India's Top 10 conglomerates, none of whom have been declared wilful defaulters. These include: Essar, Reliance ADAG, GMR, GVK, Adani, Lanco, Videocon, Vedanta, Jaypee. This debt stood at a mind boggling Rs. 7.3 lakh crore.
  • 8.70%
    of the debt owed by the 2 Power Distribution Companies of Rajasthan. Its debt as on 30-Sept-2015 was Rs. 80,500 crore.
  • 1.63%
    of the debt owed by all the Power Distribution Companies in India. The collective debt stood at Rs. 4.3 lakh crore as on 30-Sep-2015.