Rural electrification: Centre’s claim exaggerated

Last Modified: Mon Mar 28 2016 07:12:54 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 7,000
    The number of villages electrified as per govt data since April 2015 may be incorrect.
  • 18,452
    total number of villages that the Rural Electrification department had identified to be electrified by March 2017
  • 3,604
    of these 7,000 "electrified" villages have been marked — “Village found electrified during the survey” — which means they were already electrified when the Gram Vidhyut Abhiyantas (deployed by the government on field to monitor the electrification process) made their first visit. This suggests that the list of 18,452 unelectrified villages — prepared in consultation with State governments — was an overestimate.
  • 342
    villages were labelled “e0” — or classified as unelectrified — but were calculated as part of the total tally of electrified villages.
  • 300
    villages were declared as electrified based solely on the discom’s (power distribution company) word, without any verification from GVAs, raising questions about the effectiveness of the monitoring system.