Hobsons Bay City Council: 100 Services in 100 Days

Last Modified: Tue Aug 23 2016 07:47:46 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 16 sq kms
    of open space that the council manages - equivalent to the size of 809 MCGs.
  • 140
    landowners whose properties weren't kept safe and tidy were issued notices by the council last year.
  • 56
    tennis courts and more than 100 other sport and recreation clubs supported by the council !
  • 25,000
    + free resident and disability parking permits issued by the council every year.
  • 32 km
    and more laneways and some of these are old bluestone laneways maintained by the council.
  • 20
    + free My Smart Garden community events & workshops for more than 600 people that the council runs.
  • 585
    properties inspected by the council last year to make sure they were fire-safe!
  • 170,000
    + books and 10,000 + ebooks provided by council libraries!
  • 28,800
    interactions that the council had with the community via social media last year.
  • 23%
    of council residents come from non-English speaking countries, for whom the council runs a language line.
  • 2,500 tonnes
    of seaweed removed by the council every year as part of maintaining the foreshore.
  • 44
    submissions made by council on behalf of the community last year.
  • 17%
    of council residents have a disability. Council supports people with a disability with various programs and services.
  • 41
    cases of illegal building works investigated by the council last year.
  • 537
    full time staff and 46% of staff live in Hobsons Bay.
  • 940 km
    of drain pipes that council cleans - that's like the entire length of the Melb–Sydney coastal road.
  • 624 km
    of footpaths maintained by the council - that's like running the Olympic marathon 15 times!
  • 30
    community conservation events managed and supported by the council each year!
  • 307
    requests for copies of plans that council responded to last year.
  • 31
    workshops that council runs on topics for young people, such as bullying and respectful relationships.
  • 108,820
    calls received by the council in 2014-15 from residents and responded to 60,117 requests in person and online.
  • 7
    locations including libraries, where council provided free wi-fi.
  • 6,000
    and more service requests that council responded to last year: 1,200 for parking, 290 local laws, 625 litter, 285 abandonded/derelict vehicles, 315 condition of land, 3,319 animal requests.
  • 48,750 sq. meters
    of graffiti that council removed in 2015-16.
  • 430 km
    of roads that council cleans, besides, 25 kms of laneways, 24 shopping center strips, general cleaning of over a 100 reserves and playgrounds.
  • 130
    investigations of building related complaints that council carries out each year.
  • 15
    Number of facilitated playgroups that the council supports or coordinates and through these provides 300 playgroup sessions.
  • 3,300
    activities and programs that the council provides at the Laverton community centre and 1,719 more at the Seabrook community centre.
  • 40
    bus trips that are organised for senior citizens to get about the community every week.
  • 100
    organisations and groups avail over $265,000 in funding through the annual Community Grants program.
  • 120
    and more people participate three planned activity groups that the council organises every week.
  • 1,400
    and more community members are assessed by the council to ensure they are provided with the right support and services.
  • 4
    trader associations in Altona, Laverton, Newport and Williamstown that the council supports and funds with an objective to help local business grow.
  • 40
    Number of art exhibitions that the council manages or assists every year in order to support local artists.
  • 70
    filming permits that the council issues every year.
  • 64
    sports grounds (including 22 soccer pitches), three baseball diamonds, two athletics tracks and one synthetic hockey pitch are many of the sports grounds maintained by the council.
  • 14,000
    feline (3,500) and canine (10,500) best friends registered by the council every year.
  • 35
    events and festivals supported by the council each year, including the Williamstown Literary Festival!
  • 23 km
    of beaches and foreshore area that the council looks after.
  • 200 tonnes
    of illegally dumped rubbish in shared public spaces that the council collects.
  • 1,070 tonnes
    and more hard waste picked up from official collections by the council each year.
  • 3 million
    Council collects approximately these many bin a year!
  • 67,231
    hours of internet usage and access to eResources provided by the council to community members. Resources include: eBooks, eAudio, databases, newspapers and multilingual material.
  • 550
    Number of animal infringements handled in 2015.
  • 30
    Number of community conservation events that the council manages and supports in addition to 50 friends' group events.
  • 100
    and more amazing volunteers recruited, trained and supported by the council.
  • 58,000
    meals provided to community members every year through the Meals on Wheels program.
  • 40,000
    The number of people that visit the council's visitor centre annually. It only closes twice a year!
  • 260
    hectares of conservation areas maintained by the council - that's equivalent to 100 MCG playing fields!
  • 7,111
    tonnes of green waste collected from households per year by the council.
  • 860
    library programs are delivered to more than 42,000 participants, including children's story time sessions and computer classes.
  • 14
    Dog off leash areas are provided by the council.
  • 25,000
    Approximate number of trees and shrubs that the councils plants every year.
  • 120
    customers avail of the council's home library service. Over 1,500 visits are made annually to deliver books and other library resources to the community.
  • 10,609 tonnes
    of recyclables are collected by the council every year!
  • 378,574
    Number of customers across all of the council's 5 libraries. That's enough to fill the MCG 4 times over. Together, they borrow over 600,000 items each year or around 1,644 per day.
  • 18,670 tonnes
    of household waste collected by the council annually.
  • 54.8 km
    Length of shared trail network that link neighbourhoods and communities across the municipality that are maintained by the council.
  • 5
    Number of libraries the council is responsible. In all these libraries are open 305 hours per week.
  • 1,290
    planning permit applications received by the council in 2015. It also dealt with 807 written general enquiries and 345 formal enforcement issues.
  • 239
    community facilities and 660 land parcels are owned and maintained by the council.
  • 36
    free public BBQs in Hobsons Bay that the council maintains and cleans.
  • 86
    playgrounds that the council provides and maintains.
  • 34
    public toilets provided and maintained by the Council.
  • 8,364
    The number of street lights the council has installed and maintains.
  • 430 km
    of roads that the council inspects and maintains across the municipality.
  • 940 km
    Total length of drainage maintained by the council.
  • 500
    The number of local businesses council staff met to discuss their requirements and support their future development.
  • 300
    and more outdoor dining permits that the council is responsible for.
  • 6,000
    local businesses that benefit from free or low-cost workshops conducted by the council.
  • 750
    Last year, the number of people the council helped to become Australian citizens!
  • 70,000
    The number of trees that the council cares for and maintains!
  • 103,000 hours
    and more per year that the council spends in helping residents with maintenance and personal care.
  • 8
    community centres receive funding from the council for staff training and community programs.
  • 130
    The number of countries that make up the multicultural residents and communities at Hobsons! The council runs services and programs for each of these in over 100 languages!
  • 12,000
    + babies and more than 5000 school kids are immunised each year!
  • 11,000
    annual consultations held across the 10 maternal and child health centres that the council runs.
  • 7,835
    young people that receive support through services and programs arranged by the council's energetic youth services team.
  • 7
    advisory groups formed by the council allow community members to have their say on issues they care about.
  • 22
    Ordinary Council Meetings are held on an average, each year, where residents can ask questions and get involved in council decisions.
  • 18
    community managed kindergartens that council supports and more than 1000 kinder applications processed every year!
  • 350
    children receive home-based childcare coordinated by the council
  • 400
    new parents every year participate in parenting groups run by the council.
  • 425
    425 young people avail of free mental health service provided by the council.
  • 800
    young people receive one-on-one counselling each year. The council spend close to 900 hours on these sessions.
  • 324
    youth programs and 20 school holiday programs that the council runs.