MobileMuster: The official recycling program of the Australian mobile phone industry

Last Modified: Fri Dec 15 2017 11:31:52 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 1998
    Year in which the MobileMuster program began with an aim to keep old mobiles out of landfill and to recycle them in a safe, secure and ethical way.
  • 1,244 tonnes
    of mobile phone components have been collected and recycled since the start of the program. This includes 10.86 million handsets and batteries, weighing 348 tonnes and 290 tonnes respectively, plus more than 606 tonnes of accessories.
  • 31.09 million
    Number of mobile phone in service in Australia as of June 2014 (
  • 61%
    of Australians keep their mobile phones for 2 years or more.
  • 80%
    of people choose to keep, sell or give away their old mobile phones.
  • 3%
    Currently, the number of people who throw their mobiles into a bin.
  • 12%
    Currently, the number of people who recycle their old mobile has grown over the past decade.
  • 25.5 million
    estimated number of unwanted mobiles in homes around Australia. Find out why recycling of mobile phones matters.
  • 94%
    of the materials in mobile phones, batteries and chargers collected by MobileMuster were recovered during 2013-14.
  • 32,750 tonnes
    reduction in the need to mine precious metal ore through the resource recovery. Overall environmental benefits from the recovery program are equivalent to keeping 2,799 cars off the road or planting 60,645 trees or preventing 9,984 tonnes of CO2 greenhouse gas emissions.
  • 3,100
    public drop off points all around Australia, from the Tiwi Islands in the Northern Territory to the Huon Valley in southern Tasmania. Read more on MobileMuster's collection network as well as industry participation.
  • $40 million
    invested by the industry in support of the program to date.
  • 1,027,897
    individual handsets and batteries collected during 2015-16 for recycling and material recovery. Check MobileMuster's recycling achievements in 2015-16.