"New" Rembrandt Created, 347 Years After the Dutch Master's Death

Last Modified: Mon Apr 11 2016 11:20:27 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 168,000
    fragments of Rembrandt’s work were used as "input data" in order to create the painting which is being billed as “The Next Rembrandt”.
  • 346
    of Rembrandt’s works were analyzed over the course of 18 months, by a group of engineers, Rembrandt experts and data scientists. They then trained a deep learning engine to “paint” in the master’s signature style.
  • 13
    layers of pigments were printed using a 3D printer and a height map. This was made possible because the team actually used 3D scans of the heights of Rembrandt’s paintings to mimic his brushstrokes!
  • 148 million
    The number of pixels in the final result, which looks so much like a painting by Rembrandt during his lifetime that you’d be forgiven if you walked right by it in a collection of his work.