Energy Efficiency in Wyndham City, Australia

Last Modified: Mon Apr 11 2016 15:32:30 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • AUS $1.49 million
    Grant obtained from the federal Community Energy Efficiency Program (CEEP) Round 1 funding for major energy efficiency upgrades to the Wyndham Leisure and Events Centre.
  • AUS $2.47 million
    received as part of the Lighting the West project, from the Australian Government to swap over 13,000 street lights to the energy efficient alternative.
  • AUS $20 million
    Savings for the council over the next 20 years through reduced street lighting electricity and maintenance costs.
  • 19%
    Reduction in the Council’s greenhouse gas emissions and savings of 4,170 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year, the equivalent of taking 1,475 passenger vehicles off the road.
  • 0
    None of Wyndham owned traffic lights are non-LED based!
  • 35 KW
    Total installed capacity of solar panels at Council buildings. Sites include: Penrose Promenade Community Centre, Karobran Kindergarton, Wyndham Vale Community Learning Centre, Wyndham Cultural Centre and the Point Cook Community Learning Centre.
  • 58%
    of the councils emissions are on account of street lighting. Building energy (32%) and Council’s fleet fuel consumption (10%) are the two other major sources. Wyndham has received the gold standard award from Planet Footprint for its tracking and improved environmental performance.
  • 10
    of the most energy consuming buildings went through their Energy Audits. The audits identified energy efficiency upgrades and commercial scale Solar PV opportunities with the potential to reduce Council’s greenhouse gas emissions by 14%. Implementation of the recommended energy efficiency upgrades have begun and a detailed business case for commercial scale Solar PV will be developed.