Planet Ark finds new ways to use spent coffee grounds

Last Modified: Sun May 15 2016 06:50:01 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 6 billion
    cups - that's the amount of coffee Australians consume every year!
  • 93%
    Of the left over coffee grounds are sent straight to landfill where they can produce methane and carbon dioxide that contribute to global warming. Only 7 per cent are used in an organic waste processor or used on gardens and compost.
  • 3,000 tonnes
    left over grounds produced annually by over 921 cafés and coffee shops within the City of Sydney according to a study by Planet Ark, with the support of the City of Sydney. These cafés sell more than 100 million cups of coffee each year.
  • 5
    of the many effective uses of coffee in other processes that have been determined by Planet Ark's ongoing research, include: Growing mushrooms, Compost, Pyrolysis and biochar, Bioactive compounds, Anaerobic digestion. They are now working on plans for program to help cafes and coffee shops divert their coffee waste from landfill and looking for active participation.