Air quality across Australia has deteriorated to alarming levels

Last Modified: Mon Apr 25 2016 17:24:24 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 3,000
    Australians die each year on account of air pollution, almost three times the annual road toll, and costs the nation more than $24 billion in health care costs each year.
  • 69%
    The increase in air pollution in one year, measured as rise in PM10, a coarse pollution particle about the width of a human hair. Nationally, total PM10 emissions have increased 194 per cent in five years.
  • 90%
    of the total health impacts of air pollution are on account of particular pollution in general, according to Dr James Whelan - researcher at Environmental Justice Australia. He further said reducing particle pollution is critical to avoiding a public health crisis in mining areas.
  • 84%
    increase in PM10 reported by coal companies in the past 5 years. To be fair, PM10 emissions from the coal industry have fallen 8 per cent in 2014-15 to just under 400,000 tonnes.
  • 62%
    of Newcastle's PM10 emissions (295,000 kilograms this year) are from its three coal terminals.
  • 187%
    increase in PM10 emissions in 2014-15 from Maules Creek coal mine.
  • 50%
    increase in PM10 in one year at Mackay's two coal terminals and 254 per cent over five years.
  • 20
    of Australia's most polluting coal mines are located in the Bowen Basin and the Hunter Valley.