Southern Railways: Implementation of solar power - Programme Snapshot

Last Modified: Fri Apr 29 2016 16:59:15 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 50 MW
    generation capacity of solar power that Indian Railways is currently pursuing as part of its ambitious target to set up total capacity of 1,000 MW by 2020. Request For Qualification (RFQ) has been issued by Zonal Railways.
  • 4 MW
    has been allotted to Southern Railways. Building plans and panel designs are being studied. The designs will have to be vetted before the tenders are given out - according to a senior Southern Railway official.
  • 38
    locations across southern zone where solar panels will be set up. Railways will provide rooftop areas for setting up the panels to Solar Power Developers and purchase power from them. The power developers will be Europe-based collaboration while solar panels will be procured by them from China - according to the official.
  • 25 years
    Duration of the power purchase agreement, post that the onus of maintenance will be on the Railways.
  • Rs. 8.00
    per kilowatt hour that Southern Railways pays based on its current power purchase agreements. Once these panels are set up, it will procure power at much lower rates.