Ajmer Division of North Western Railway marches on with green initiatives

Last Modified: Mon May 02 2016 20:13:02 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 4
    stations - Marwar Junction, Rani, Falna and Ranapratap Nagar (Udaipur) - in the Ajmer Division of North Western Railway (NWR) Zone will be equipped with solar power plants.
  • 70 KWp
    generation capacity of the Solar PV Plants that will be installed at each of the four Railway Stations to facilitate basic amenities to the passenger viz. lighting, fannage and other electrical load, thereby reducing the dependency of supply from DISCOMs.
  • Rs 3.29 crore
    The cost of this project which will be borne by Indian Railway Finance Corporation Ltd (IRFC) Ltd through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Funds. A bipartite MoU was signed between IRFC & Ajmer Division of NWR on 08th March 2016.
  • Rs 32.50 lakh
    estimated annual savings in electricity bills for the division once the plants are commissioned. Givne a 25 year lifetime of the solar panels, there will be a total saving of Rs. 812 lalh during its life cycle.
  • 456 tonnes
    estimated annual reduction in CO2 emissions. 11,400 tonnes reduction during the complete life cycle. The move witll thus help in reducing the carbon footprint substantially in Ajmer Division.