Urban Volt offers Light as a Service in Ireland

Last Modified: Thu May 05 2016 22:41:20 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
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    Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) find it difficult to access funds that they need to upgrade their premises with energy efficient lighting and thereby reduce operating costs as well as become more sustainable.
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    Large institutions, with billions of euros to invest, are unable to fund the SMEs because of their governance structures and low rates of return. They can only provide funds for ‘investment grade’ projects and high transaction costs demand €1M+ as a minimum investment.
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    UrbanVolt "Light as a Service" business model bridges the gap. UrbanVolt retrofits LED lights for SMEs for free and maintains them for five years.
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    In return, clients share their energy savings with UrbanVolt's investment partners for the duration of the agreement.
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    Multiple energy projects are bundled together to create single ‘investment grade’ portfolios making it easy for institutions to participate in the projects that need their funding the most.