Telangana Drought: Impact on cattle and livestock

Last Modified: Wed May 18 2016 17:14:45 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 68,000
    estimated number of cattle head in Goshalas in Telagana that are in poor condition due to severe scarcity of water and non-availability of fodder.
  • 59
    Goshalas and another 80 unregistered small Goshalas in the state, according to Telangana Goshala Federation president Mahesh Agarwal.
  • 66
    Goshalas are situated in drought-hit mandals (blocks). "Though it is the paramount duty of the animal husbandry department to save the cattle by supplying fodder and water, it has failed to take relief measures,” - Mahesh Agarwal.
  • 50%
    shortage of fodder almost everywhere, government agencies admit. The animal husbandry department has announced water troughs for cattle but the number of troughs available is not even a tenth of the required number.
  • 1x
    time a day - Goshalas are barely able to feed their cattle. They used to feed cows with fodder twice a day. To make matters worse, the fodder being procured by Goshalas from the govt. is contaminated and not fit for consumption.
  • 50
    cattle deaths were reported until the end of March in Medak district leading to distress sales of cattle. have been reported where and also in Karimnagar district.