The Nanticoke Generating Station is going green

Last Modified: Fri May 20 2016 12:22:52 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 2013
    Nanticoke stopped producing electrical power as part of Ontario’s phase-out of coal energy. The Nanticoke Generating Station in southwestern Ontario used to be the largest coal-fired electricity-generating plant in North America.
  • 4,000 MW
    power that this enormous plant could produce at full capacity. It was shuttered for safety reasons in 2015.
  • 44 MW
    capacity solar panel farm will now replace the former serial emitter of greenhouse gasses.
  • 3
    partners - Ontario Power Generation (OPG), Six Nations Development Corporation and SunEdison Canadian Construction LP - in the project.
  • 2017
    expected to begin construction once approvals are obtained and project is expected to be competed in 2019.