South Ayrshire - Efficient Street Lighting Program

Last Modified: Tue Jun 28 2016 16:09:49 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 22,365
    street lights targeted to be replaced by the council. The replacement schemes will cut the council's carbon footprint by half as a result.
  • 1,690
    energy efficient LED street lights and illuminated signs have been installed across SAC as of May 2016.
  • ?
    month when the project was initiated.
  • ?
    planned completion of the project.
  • ?
    estimated cost of the project.
  • ?
    savings per annum once all the street lights are upgraded. The new lights will lead to a 65 percent energy saving in current street lighting consumption.
  • ? tonnes
    annual reduction in CO2 emissions. By switching to new energy saving lights the Council will reduce its carbon emissions by 15%.