Engie considering closure or sale of Australian coal plant

Last Modified: Wed May 25 2016 22:33:29 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 1,542 MW
    brown coal-fired Hazelwood power station located in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley may be closed or sold soon. "For the Hazelwood plant, we are studying all possible scenarios, including closure, or a sale if the state of Victoria tells us that it cannot meet power generating needs without this plant," - Isabelle Kocher, Chief Executive of Engie.
  • 15.3 million
    tonnes of coal is supplied to this plant every year from the adjacent coal mine.
  • 12,000 GWh
    The approximate power produced by the coal plant – meeting up to 25 per cent of Victoria’s energy requirements and 5.4 per cent of Australia’s energy demand.
  • 2
    coal plants - one in Indonesia and another in India, sold by Engie recently. Coal would now represent about 10 percent of its energy mix. The utility planned a gradual exit from coal in the coming years.