Consume more, Pollute more, Pay less, Ask for more Dams: Pune City’s water supply

Last Modified: Sat Jun 04 2016 17:31:48 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 4
    storage reservoirs built on Mutha River, belonging to the Irrigation Department of the Govt. of Maharashtra, collectively called the ‘Khadakwasla Project Complex’ supply water to Pune city.
  • 29 TMC
    The total live storage of all the four dams. TMC = thousand million cubic feet. Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) sources raw water from Khadakwasla dam (storage capacity of 1.96 TMC) which is fed by gravity from three upstream dams - Panshet (10.64 TMC), Varasgaon (12.81 TMC) and Temghar (3.71 TMC).
  • 11.5 TMC
    water allocated for Pune city based on an agreement between Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and Khadakwasla Irrigation Division (KID). The agreement was signed on March 01, 2013 and is valid till February 28, 2019.
  • 16 TMC
    water drawn from KID in 2014-15. For the last five years, average annual water supplied to city ranges between 14.5 TMC (1250 MLD) to 16 TMC as per data obtained from KID. That is nearly 40% in excess of the agreed allocation.
  • 50%
    penal rate over the basic rate that is applicable in case PMC draws more than 10% of agreed quantity (11.5 TMC), which it cleary does. Data obtained from the PMC and KID shows that PMC has been waiving off the penalties and paying only for the water used.
  • 6.5 TMC
    The amount of water PMC is required to recycle and release into Sadesatra Nali canal for irrigation purposes based on an agreement in 1997 in lieu of increase in allocation to 11.5 TMC. A stalled project costing 100 crores remains the sole failed testimony.