SNV World's Improved Cookstoves programme in Lao PDR

Last Modified: Fri Oct 26 2018 15:21:44 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 6,000
    Estimated deaths in Lao PDR (population 6.8 million) each year from diseases associated with smoke from cooking on solid fuels like wood. Use of wood and charcoal have increased carbon emissions and resulted in a significant loss of forest cover over the past two decades.
  • 2011
    SNV launches the Improved Cookstoves (ICS) programme in the country and begins to test various improved cookstoves for acceptability to local conditions. The programme aims not only to spread the use of healthier, affordable technology, but also create a local ecosystem around the production of the stoves.
  • 2013
    Local production of stoves commences.
  • 420,000
    ICS stoves that the programme aims to sell by 2021 (in 8 years since start of local production) - covering nearly 80% of an estimated 500,000 household that use traditional stoves (such as the Tao Lai and Tao Dam).
  • 5
    Number of partners involved in the ICS programme. The initiative is financed by the EU SWITCH-Asia programme in partnership with SNV, Oxfam, ARMI and the Blue Moon Fund. In the long run, carbon financing via Nexus will make the ICS programme self-sustaining.
  • 20%
    lower wood and charcoal used by the ICS stove than traditional stoves (such as the Tao Lai and Tao Dam).
  • 30 minutes
    savings in cooking times each day due to higher efficiency of the stoves, giving the cooks more time to engage in other activities.
  • 0.5 tonne
    of CO2 emissions can be reduced per year by using a single ICS.
  • LAK 16,000
    amount that households will be able to save per month on account of fuel savings and durability of the ICS.
  • 20
    Number of producers that manufacture the improved cookstove. With new tools, the production is faster and quality of the final product is consistent. On average, a producer delivers 500 stoves per month.
  • 1.250
    retailer strong network in place as of Jun 2017, 90% are women. These are up from a mere 20 retailers in 2011.
  • 240,000
    Number of cookstoves produced locally as of Aug 2018.
  • $2.88 million
    total savings in fuel costs based on the stoves sold so far.
  • 180,000 tonnes
    total reduction in CO2 emissions based on stoves sold so far. ICS are helping ASEAN countries in their efforts to mitigate climate change and arrest deforestation.