Villages surrounding Indore ready to harvest monsoon bounty

Last Modified: Thu Jun 16 2016 08:47:48 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 200
    + villages in Indore's rural landscape have undertaken a revolutionary project to battle water crisis. They are digging ponds deeper to create bigger water bowls to capture rain water.
  • 18,000 villagers
    organized themselves lead by the village gram panchayats and overseen by zila panchayat Indore CEO Waradmurti Mishra. The works were carried out even when temperatures touched 40 degrees, hundreds of villagers braved the heat and kept digging into parched stretches.
  • 270
    + ponds have been dug deeper. Villagers say over the years, soil has accumulated in these ponds due to which water levels are falling. "There was a 30-foot high heap of soil in the middle of one of the ponds. We worked day and night to make it even and deep," says Jamli sarpach Dinesh Patidar.
  • Rs. 50 crore
    Market price of the soil soil dug up from the ponds by the villagers - this fertile soil will now be used in farms across the villages.
  • 45 days
    Number of days taken to complete the work. Mishra says he didn't expect the mammoth work could be completed in such a short period of time.