Two problems, one smelly solution

Last Modified: Tue Sep 20 2016 12:41:45 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 57%
    of the population in drought prone Senegal relies on agriculture as a sole source of income.
  • 10%
    or less of rural Senegal have access to power. For cooking, lighting and heat, the only option is expensive, gas-powered generators or destructive firewood.
  • 2
    subproducts from feeding a biodigester with cow dung - fertilizer and gas - are solving both problems.
  • 30
    days on an average the cow dung decomposes into high quality fertilizer that can be used for market gardening and agricultural activities.
  • 2x
    the fertilizer is so powerful, farmers have been able to double their annual yield of grain and vegetables.
  • EUR 650
    cost of the equipment. Costs are subsidized by the Senegalese govt and donors like the EU. Typical RoI is only a few months.
  • 9,500
    rural households have access to renewable energy sourced from biogas farms benefiting 72,000 people in all. In addition 500 school cafetarias also use the gas for cooking purposes.
  • 10,000
    biogas farms will be up and running in Senegal by 2018.