Nepal: A man-made disaster

Last Modified: Wed Jul 20 2016 17:26:53 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 2
    large earthquakes - measuring 7.8 and 7.3 struck Nepal in April and May, 2015.
  • 9,000
    people died as a result. Across Nepal, millions were affected by the disaster, from the hills of Sindhupalchok, where 90% of homes were destroyed, to remote villages such as Barpak that was at the epicenter of the April quake, high up on a steep mountainside in the hard-hit north-western Gorkha district.
  • $ 7 billion
    estimated damage from the quakes.
  • $4.1 billion
    pledged by international donors at a June conference in Kathmandu. But the money to rebuild homes has not reached the victims as Nepal was consumed with a protracted fight over a new constitution.
  • 50 people
    dies in triggered violent protests that were triggered among communities (Madhesis) living along the country’s southern border with India.
  • 135 days
    border blocked due to the unrest, leaving trucks carrying badly needed fuel and food stranded in India.
  • 6 months
    taken to give legal backing to the National Reconstruction Agency (NRA), the state agency responsible for the rebuilding effort. The process was completed in Dec of last year.
  • 29 Mar 2016
    Nepal's Prime Minister K.P. Oli acknowledged that "the reconstruction work is not going to end even in decades at this pace". Even today, Nepal waits for the rebuilding process to start.