Maharastra Solar Irrigation Pumps: Scheme Details

Last Modified: Sat Jun 30 2018 10:41:10 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 40,00,000
    estimated number of metered and unmetered agricultural pumps in Maharashtra.
  • 23%
    of the state's power demand is on account of these pumps alone.
  • Rs. 10,480 crore
    annual subsidy burden on account of agricultural consumers. Rs 6,980 crore is cross-subsidised by industrial consumers and Rs. 3,500 crore by the state government.
  • Rs 12,000 crore
    Agriculture consumers account for the largest chunk of MahaVitaran's unpaid dues.
  • Rs. 530 crore
    This is how much the pumps will cost the state exchequer.
  • 2,00,000
    or so fresh agriculture connections are added every year.
  • Rs. 1 per unit
    potential for reduction in power tariffs for industrial consumers if the agricultural pumps are taken off the grid, such as being replaced by solar pumps.
  • 5,00,000
    conventional pumps to be replaced by solar powered ones in 5 years. The implementation will be overseen by Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MahaVitaran) and MEDA.
  • 10,000
    will be replaced in the first (pilot) phase according to MahaVitaran Managing Director Ajoy Mehta.
  • Rs. 5 lakh
    estimated cost of the pump, 30% of which will be paid equally by Ministry for New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and the state, 5% will be farmer's contribution and rest will be debt funded.
  • Jan 2015
    formulation of the scheme by the Maharashtra government.