South Delhi Municipal Corporation's Efficient Street Lighting upgrade programme

Last Modified: Fri Nov 25 2016 13:55:47 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 216,881
    total street lights replaced in South Delhi Municipal Corp area as on 25 Nov 2016.
  • 99.25%
    Residents satisfied with quality of LED lights.
  • 99.5%
    Residents satisfied with enhanced security at night.
  • 99%
    Residents satisfied with distribution of installed LED lights.
  • 5%
    number of complaints against non-functioning streetlights and this will be reduced to 2-3% shortly.
  • 104
    teams deployed in order to provide timely redressal of complaints.
  • Rs 172 crore
    investment made by by EESL. SDMC did not have to bear any upfront cost.
  • 53%
    estimated savings by switching over to LED lights. This project will result in annual reduction of 61 million kWh of energy during peak hours.
  • 7 year
    period over which SDMC will pay EESL from out of the savings in energy and maintenance cost. SDMC will benefit by Rs 41.47 crore over 7 year period without having to invest any capital upfront.
  • 26.2 GWh
    The estimated annual energy that will be saved, equivalent to lighting 5,000 homes every year!
  • 62,000
    Number of street lights that will be installed in Phase 2 in existing dark spots of the capital.