Number of youngsters on antidepressants doubles

Last Modified: Thu Jul 28 2016 19:49:55 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 4.000
    + children and teenagers were prescribed the pills last year, a figure that has almost doubled since 2009, according to statistics revealed in Holyrood.
  • 66%
    of youngsters were seen within the 18-week target from January to March of this year. The numbers remain lower despite improvements prompting concerns that children were being “parked on pills”, rather than being offered counselling to tackle the root of their concerns.
  • 3
    major reasons for the increase in numbers, according to the Scottish Children’s Services Coalition (SCSC):
  • #1
    Pressures from social media and cyber bullying.
  • #2
    More traditional concerns such as body image, stress at school and family breakdowns.
  • #3
    More young people were seeking treatment than ever before, due to better education and a reduction in stigma around mental health.