Energy Efficiency Services Ltd, India intends to issue green bonds issue

Last Modified: Wed Aug 03 2016 16:42:53 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • $100 million
    amount India’s largest energy saving services company, Energy Efficiency Services Ltd, intends to raise through a green bonds issue in London, possibly in November. The company is in the process of appointing a rating agency and a ‘certifying agency’ (to establish the green end-use of the funds) Managing Director Saurabh Kumar told BusinessLine.
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    public sector power companies (NTPC, REC, PGCIL and PFC), own EESL. EESL is in the business of replacing power guzzling electrical appliances with more energy efficient ones.
  • ₹700 crore
    EESL sales in 2015-16, ten times the previous year. EESL is yet to formally announce results, but Kumar estimates post-tax profit at around ₹35 crore.
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    areas where EESL is focused on - replacement of CFL and ICL bulbs with energy efficient LED bulbs, replacement of fans with 5 star energy efficient ones and replacement of diesel operated and old, inefficient fans with either solar operated or energy efficient pumps.