South Australian mining town Coober Pedy embraces renewables

Last Modified: Mon Oct 02 2017 13:18:21 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 3,500
    estimated population of the township of Coober Pedy which will soon make a name as it abandons its total reliance on expensive, imported diesel fuels for its electricity, and forges a path to a point where most of its power comes from wind and solar with the support of battery storage.
  • 3.9 MW
    diesel generation plant in town that is subject to wild swings in cost, and the fact that the diesel has to be trucked in adds to the costs.The plant is operated by Energy Developments Limited.
  • $18 million
    Funding provided by ARENA for the construction of a hybrid renewable plant: 1 MW solar, 4 MW wind and 500 KWh battery.
  • Jul 2017
    Plant commissioned.
  • 35
    Uninterrupted number of hours in the week of 18 Sep (2017) that the town was powered entirely by renewable energy. This is indeed a positive step in achieving the long-term goal of the project - which is to provide clean, efficient renewable energy and reduce the town’s reliance on diesel generation by 70 percent.