Cargotech utilizes UrbanVolt's Light as a Service model to slash its lighting bills

Last Modified: Mon Aug 14 2017 19:44:53 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 771
    light fittings replaced at a Cargotech plant in Dundalk, Co Louth. The world leading provider of cargo services decided to install new lighting in order to reduce energy usage, costs, maintenance issue and improve their sustainability. [Image: Before replacement]
  • 66%
    reduction in lighting bill post replacement. Reduction in maintenance issues and costs since UrbanVolt will maintain the fittings. [Image: After replacement]
  • 5 years
    Period over which UrbanVolt will be responsible for and maintain all the LED light fittings. This is a major benefit for Cargotec as their on-site staff will no longer be involved in maintenance issues such as having to upgrade and fix light fittings daily nor bear the cost of maintenance and the fixtures.