Vinyl Council of Australia: PVC Recycling Program

Last Modified: Thu Oct 06 2016 06:04:32 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 330 tonnes
    of recyclable high quality medical grade PVC goes from hospitals to landfill or clinical waste in the state of Victoria, Australia.
  • $96,000
    direct annual cost of waste disposal to the health system in Victoria. In response to this longstanding issue, the Vinyl Council of Australia has worked with a team of partners to support recycling and sustainability in Victorian hospitals, and to recover material for reprocessing and manufacture of quality mats and hose products in Australia.
  • 120,000 tonnes
    approximate amount of product recovered in 2015, that could be further reprocessed and used in manufacturing.
  • 18%
    resulting savings in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • $17,000
    savings per year.
  • 60
    hospitals are part of this recycling program which includes: 34 Victorian hospitals, and 26 across other Australian states and New Zealand. Hospital recycling trials now underway in the UK, Canada, South Africa and Thailand.