National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme Outcomes 2014–15

Last Modified: Tue Nov 29 2016 10:56:34 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 121,866.3 tonnes
    of televisions and computers reached end-of-life in Australia in 2014–15 according to estimates.
  • 42,653.2 tonnes
    of this amount - around 35% - was the Industry's target for recycling under the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme.
  • 44,730.5 tonnes
    was actually recycled under the scheme in 2014–15 - 1.7% more than the target.
  • 1,677
    collection services were provided to the public. These included longer-term services, such as drop off points at major electronics retailers and local government waste transfer stations, as well as temporary collection events.
  • 130
    TV and computer companies were identified as liable parties with obligations under the scheme. 127 of these parties had met their obligation to join and fund a co-regulatory arrangement by 30 June 2015.