Energy Efficient Nagaland scheme launched

Last Modified: Sat Oct 22 2016 15:20:59 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 21 Oct 2016
    Date of launch of the scheme Dr. Neikesalie Nicky Kire, Minister of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Govt. of Nagaland. Under this scheme, efficient LED bulbs, tubelights and fans will be distributed in all 11 districts of the state by EESL. The planned numbers are:
  • 2,500,000
    domestic 9W LED bulbs at a discounted price of Rs. 70 against market price of Rs 350.
  • 150,000
    fans at a subsidised price of Rs. 1,150.
  • 250,000
    tubelights at a subsidised price of Rs. 230.
  • 600,000
    + residents across the state to benefit.