Global Off-Grid Solar Semi-Annual Market Report 2016: Key Insights

Last Modified: Mon Oct 24 2016 20:42:18 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • Jan - Jun 2016
    period of reporting.
  • 50
    number of GOGLA member companies covered by the report.
  • 4,300,000
    total volume of off-grid solar products sold worldwide during the first half of 2016. Up by 5% compared to the second half of 2015 (4,100,000).
  • $139 million
    Revenues generated through cash sales of products. Up by 18% compared to the second half of 2015 ($118 million). Increase attributed to a greater number of reported sales of larger products, which retail at a higher price.
  • 1,960,000
    units sold in Sub-Saharan Africa - 45.5% of the total. 1,372,000 units of about 70% were sold in East Africa.
  • 1,760,000
    units sold in South Asia - 40.9% of the total. 1,720,000 of these were sold in India alone.
  • 5X
    increase in unit sales of 3-10Wp multi-light solar systems, while sales of 0-3Wp single light products decreased. This indicates consumer movement up the energy ladder and increased confidence with solar lighting.
  • 93.5 million
    people are currently living with improved energy access.
  • 36.5 million
    people have been lifted from zero energy access to Tier 1, in accordance with the SE4All Global Tracking Framework.
  • 20.8 million
    harmful lighting sources such as kerosene lamps, candles and battery-powered torches have now been replaced as customers moved to solar products.
  • $4.33 billion
    savings on energy-related spending.