Lesueur National Park - a floral conservation reserve in Western Australia

Last Modified: Fri Nov 11 2016 13:37:48 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 26,987 hectares
    Spread of the Lesueur National Park in Western Australia. This national park is recognised for its outstanding conservation, landscape and recreational importance.
  • 900
    different species of flora can be found at the park. The exceptionally diverse range of flora comprises 10% of the State’s known flora. The park has seven species of declared Rare Flora and nine taxa found only in Lesueur, as well as 111 taxa endemic to the region and 81 taxa at its northern or southern limits.
  • 52
    species of reptile, including 41 lizard species and 11 snake species, have been identified. Research has revealed that the park contain the highest reptile diversity of any of the world’s Mediterranean climate ecosystems.
  • 122
    species of native birds and two introduced species have been recorded.
  • 15
    species of native mammals inhabit Lesueur National Park, making it one of the State’s richest habitats for native mammals. Four species of dunnart (Sminthopsis spp.) and four species of bat occur in the park.
  • 29
    species of jewel beetle, all of which are protected, can be found at the park.