Action plan for implementing Swachta Abhiyan at the Kamakhya temple in Assam

Last Modified: Sun Nov 13 2016 11:51:38 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
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    point action plan adopted by the Kamakhya Devalaya Board together with the Department of Tourism and Guwahati Municipal Corporation with the objective to improve the levels of cleanliness in the Kamakhya Temple and its surroundings up to a level that makes it a model Swachh Tourist Destination. These include:
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    Adoption of 100 % clean and green technology: The innovations under this component include provision of e- Toilets, Solar Lighting etc.
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    100% coverage coverage of sewerage sewerage lines: Interventions Interventions include include provision provision of adequate adequate sewerage sewerage system as currently there is no such system in place.
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    Solid and Liquid waste management: Interventions would complement the sewerage improvements through the provision of proper waste management system.
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    Adequate parking spaces: Interventions include setting up parking grounds in strategic areas and in a way that allow for safer pedestrian movements in the temple’s surroundings.
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    Public education to ensuring 100% stoppage of littering by local hill side residents.