Western Coalfields Ltd converts its mines into eco park for tourists

Last Modified: Mon Nov 14 2016 23:04:13 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 15 acres
    of barren land which lies between the Saoner and Gondegaon mines near Nagpur in Maharashtra have been developed into an eco-park and a coal mine tourism spot by Western Coalfields Ltd (WCL).
  • 40 km
    Distance of the eco-mine from Nagpur city. Tourists can visit the depths of the Saoner underground mine and also watch the operations at the Gondegaon opencast mine from a distance.
  • 2 km
    of the route from the Saoner town leading to the park has been forested. The park itself has a water body, bamboo plantation and most of the natural forest has been kept in its original shape.
  • 500
    visitors come here on weekly basis and the entry, is free. Christened Eco Mine Tourism, the tour, open for the public on weekdays as well as weekends.
  • 16 years
    minimum age requirement for tourists if they wish to take a ride down the Gondegaon mine with a qualified guide. Medical clearances are required for both the mines.
  • March 2015
    idea for the mine was mooted and by November it was open to public.
  • Rs 60,00,000
    investment in the construction of the eco-park which has been built with in-house material. People can also stay at the guesthouse in the residential colony adjoining the Saoner mine.
  • 3
    other major tourist destinations that are close to these mines: the Pench Tiger Reserve, the Totladoh Dam and Reservoir as are several historic temples