Nagpur Municipal Corporation: Efficient Street Lighting upgrade program

Last Modified: Wed Dec 25 2019 22:35:07 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 143,000
    street lights under Nagpur Municipal Corporation's (NMC) 10 zones will be retrofitted by efficient LED lamps by private contractor companies, one per each zone by Jul 2018, starting Jan 2017.
  • 50%
    estimated reduction in electricity bills for NMC's once the project is completed. The current annual spend is Rs. 40 crore.
  • Rs. 470 crore
    total cost of the project of which Rs. 277 crore is for replacement of existing street light panels with LEDs, Rs. 106 crore for operation and maintenance of LED street lights for 99 months, Rs. 59 crore for infrastructure development, and Rs. 28 crore for works on Ring Road and Metro rail corridor. Work orders for executing the works were issued to eight private companies in Jan 2018.
  • Rs. 150 crore
    estimated to be recovered through savings in electricity bills over 7 years.
  • ? tonnes
    approximate cut in carbon emissions every year.
  • ?
    years - payback period of the project.
  • 8
    Number of private companies that have been awarded the contract to undertake the replacements.
  • 30,000
    Number of lights replaced as of May 2018.
  • 96,000
    Remainder of the lights that are now expected to be switched between May 2018 and Dec 2018, instead of Jul. The work has been delayed due to Metro works, inordinate delay in completion of Ring Road Cement Concrete project, and delay in approval to raise Rs 59 crore loan.
  • 128,000
    Number of lights converted as of Jun 2019. The civic body is planning to finish the work on remaining 15,000 street lights within a month.
  • 52.41%
    Reduction in power consumption as of Jun 2019. NMC has replaced 60 watt sodium vapour bulb with 36 watt LEDs on internal roads, and 60 watt, 105 watt and 120 watt sodium vapour lamps on major roads, squares and playgrounds with 285 watt LEDs. Apart from saving power by conversion into LED, NMC has installed a system where street lights are dimmed by 40% by 10pm and 50% by midnight. This is done automatically.
  • 47.48%
    Reduction in power bills. As of Jun 2019, average monthly bill is Rs. 2.28 crore (Rs. 27.36 crore annual), down from earlier billing of Rs. 4.35 crore per month (Rs. 52.20 crore annual). This is a saving of Rs. 2.07 crore per month (Rs. 24.84 crore annual).